Thirty years of doing anything with passion makes one a professional and that is exactly what we at Optics India Equipments Pvt. Ltd., have achieved in the industry. We are committed to bring to the Indian Optical & Ophthalmological fraternity, World class diagnostic and surgical equipment right from the manufacturer to your doorstep in a highly integrated and seamless manner.

Our operations extend across the sub-continent, neighbouring countries and many developing countries too. Within India we enjoy an undisputed 15% market share of the instrument spectrum.


The foundation of OIEPL lies in five decades of dynamism and a pursuit of excellence. The roots of Optics India are an embellishment of the core essence of Optilab.  A company formed more than fifty years ago to provide economic solutions for the strained Optical trade.

Incepted as Optics India Corporation in 1990. Optics India Equipments Pvt. Ltd., is a joint venture between Optics India Corporation and Essilor India, having its registered office at Anand incorporated in January 2012.

The history of the ever-evolving group is filled with examples of both customer and Employee delight.  Today as always we firmly believe in providing holistic working solutions to every business we touch.

Key Features

Our Quality Assurance

At OIEPL we procure only the best and most durable products while ensuring highest levels of accuracy while in use be it a manual lensometer or a high end Patternless Edger or a AR Coating machine. This is made possible because of the stringent pre-tests conducted at our own Quality Assurance labs.

We understand the needs of the Indian Market and only import the finest quality and precision equipment.

Customer Satisfaction

Owing to our client-oriented business policies and transparent dealings, we have managed to become the preferred choice of our patrons. Moreover, we are known in the industry for our focus on attaining maximum customer satisfaction.

To achieve this we have a dedicated Customer Relations department who are in constant communication with our customers. Our robust Customer Relations are available around the clock to address every customers need, be it booking a service appointment or Complaint management.