It is both an honor and privilege to lead a dynamic organization at a time when there is so much potential for modernization and growth for both employees and Principals.

As a vital link in a  high end equipment supply chain, our primary goal is to ensure our customers receive products and services which are truly transformative by nature through the utilization of sound and efficient processes. It is our obligation to develop policies and practices which aims at benefiting the society as a whole.

With multiple source countries  like Japan, France, China, Israel, USA Korea and Taiwan we wish to become a textbook example of excellence for serving the Indian Optical & Ophthalmic fraternity. As a preferred long-term vendor to most leading global brands, we are amongst the leading players in the Optical Industry and are rapidly growing our presence in the Ophthalmic sector as well.

We are primed to ride on the next wave of growth. We are leveraging our already established peer industry position to significantly grow our business, improve profitability and deliver value.

We will continue to strive and be a market leader, secure even better results and market shares, as well as continue to be an attractive company to work for and to grow with.

Finally, I would like to thank you, our customers, partners and employees for your continuous engagement and trust. Without you, our success today and tomorrow would not be possible.

Mr. Shashank Desai.
(Executive Director)

Mr. Ajay Parekh.
(Executive Director)